Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is old...but I forgot to post it before Christmas!

So here's the story...

"Fire out at building next to White House"

And here's where I was on Sunday night...

Notice anything? Yep, the same building! The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is right next to the White House and is home to most of the White House staff. It's an absolutely beautiful old gem! I'm just glad I got to look around inside before the fire (luckily it wasn't totally destroyed!) For everyone who hasn't been inside, here's a peek at the building (and at Mike in his office, hard at work...or at least pretending to be)!

The Eisenhower Executive Building was just one stop on the West Wing tour of the White House! Here's the highlights (at least the ones I could take pics of) from the rest of the tour...

Outside the Rose Garden...those windows look into the Oval Office! "Hey, W! How's it going in there...."
The Oval Office was beautiful, unfortunately no pics inside. :( The President's desk was absolutely gorgeous, and its history is even more beautiful. It's the desk JFK used...and the famous pic of John-John peeking under it was taken with it!

Inside the press room...right by the podium where Dana Perino gives the daily press briefings! Maybe one day I'll be behind the podium...

Or possibly in front of it...I'll ask the tough questions! Each news organization/reporter has an assigned seat...this one is just down from my Helen Thomas' chair!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Profound Realization...

My whole life I thought the chorus to "Have I Done Any Good?" said, "Then wake up and do something more. THEN dream of your mansions above...." So I've been waking up, doing a bit more and totally daydreaming about my awesome digs in Heaven... Little did I know the correct lyrics are "Then wake up and do something more THAN dream of your mansions above." I guess I better get my head out of the clouds and get to work!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


My friend Maren tagged me weeks ago to reveal "7 things you may or may not know about me." So in classic Kami form, here it is forever and a day later....

#1...Weezer wrote a song about me...I'm a half Japanese girl! Sadly, I don't speak any Japanese, and neither does my mom, nor my grandparents for that matter. It's surprising how many people don't know this, and have a hard time believing it when I tell them. So when I say I like sushi...its not because I'm being trendy, it's who I am :)

#2...I still wear my cheerleading socks from high school. Kind of gross (I do wash them regularly though) and I know its been five years, but they are THE most comfortable socks I've ever worn! I don't wear them because I'm stuck in the "glory days," it's totally for comfort and they still look like new, and I have nine pairs of them, and I paid for them, so why not? Right?

#3...When I was a little girl, I prayed and prayed for a sister! And let me tell you what, Heavenly Father answer prayers...not always as we expect, or when we expect it, but He always comes through! I have the sweetest, most beautiful little sister, and I absolutely adore everything about her! I'm sure I had to wait so long for her (15 years) because my poor parents couldn't handle 2 princesses any closer together!

#4...My favorite place to think or relax is in some form of shopping center. Wal-Mart, the mall, grocery stores, or drug stores, it doesn't matter, I meditate the best in the hustle and bustle of retail! It's oddly relaxing, reminds me of home (and shopping with my mom and grandma), and is just conducive to thinking.

#5...I can recite the bios of almost every Utah news reporter and anchor! I check KSL continually, and feel like I am best friends with all of the broadcasters. The news business is just so exciting to might call it an obsession. Weird, I know!

#6...In my next life, I want to own a bakery/pastry shop. I love little tarts, fresh bread, pretty creme puffs, and all those delicious sweet treats! But, my mom always says I don't like mornings enough to be a goods wouldn't be ready til at least 8pm. Hopefully I'm more of a morning person in my next life!

#7...If I could combine my obsession with broadcasting and my desire to be a pastry chef, I would love, love, love to have my own cooking show or be on a show like "The View" or "Good Things Utah." Dream job!

Now I tag Di (this is a tag team from Maren, you better do it now Di), Melissa, Tabbi, Jessica and Mandy...let's hear it girls!