Sunday, September 30, 2007

Honesty IS the best policy!

So tonight Di and I headed out to the Stake Center for the General Relief Society Meeting, which was amazing. For the first time I was the person they always mention watching the broadcast over satellite in distant lands (although still in the US-Virginia is about as far from Utah as one can get!) It was nice to think that although I am thousands of miles from all the sweet women in my family, we were still watching the meeting together! It was a great time...and my stake really goes all out-they passed out cute little bags of Lindt truffles to all of us, along with feeding us a yummy dinner. Pretty much a great time!

Anyways, we left the broadcast and decided to hit Wal-Mart (which is a rare treat out here-we hardly ever get to go) on the way home. We shopped around, got shave gel all over ourselves and the store, spent way too much money and then headed home. As we pulled up to our house, Di asks "you got my purse out of the cart, right?" I, thinking Di was playing a little joke on me, reply "uhhh no...I thought you had it." Oh no, this was no joke...Di's purse was in the front of the cart when I pushed it into the cart return. She of course thought I was smart enough to have noticed it...and I of course, was not. So with both of us holding our breath, feeling extremely sick to our stomachs, and praying with all our hearts for an honest person (I mean really, we DID go to the broadcast- that had to count for something!), we rushed back to Wal-Mart (normally about a 20 minute drive...I think we made it in 10). Di was extremely calm considering her entire life was left in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. I was frantically trying to get someone at Wal-Mart to answer the phone, while feeling like a total idiot for being in LaLa land and leaving her purse for any one of the crazy late night Wal-Mart shoppers to walk away with! Definitely some very tense moments-the ride was pretty quiet-which for Di and I is a rare occurrence.

Luckily about halfway to Wal-Mart someone in customer service finally answered the phone, and believe it or not, someone turned in a big, red purse! RELIEF! What a great feeling to know that people are still honest! We recovered the lost purse, with all its goods inside, and felt extremely blessed to have it back! Our prayers were answered and our hope that people are, for the most part, honest and good was renewed! So, to whoever found our big, red bag and did the right thing...thank you! And to everyone out there...remember honesty IS the best policy!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm it!

Jobs I've Had
~Kalli's Babysitter (my favorite ever!)
~Research Fellow at USU
~Lancome Cosmetics at Dillards (Pretending like I knew how to put on make-up!)
~US Senate...intern
~KSL Channel 5...intern again :)
~Staff Assistant for Senator Bennett

Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
~Two Weeks Notice
~Breakfast at Tiffany's
~Ever After
~Pride and Prejudice

Places I've lived
~Riverside, Utah
~Logan, Utah
~Saint-Joriox, France
~Arlington, Virginia

Favorite TV Shows
~Law and Order
~The Food Network...pretty much anything on there!
~America's Next Top Model
~So You Think You Can Dance
~The Office
~and of course, the News

Places I've Been on Vacation
~New York City

Favorite Dishes
~Chicken and Rice
~Steak and Potatoes!
~Five Guys Burgers...greeeeeeasy!
~French Fries...with fry sauce of course :)

Websites I Visit Daily
~Drudge Report
~Tremonton Leader (every Wednesday!)

Places I would Rather Be
~In Utah with the fam
~On vacation in Europe
~Shopping with my grandma, mom, and Kalli

I'm Tagging...
Anyone who actually reads my blog :) (mom this probably means you should start one!)