Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NYC Finally...

 Love, Love, Love beautiful!
I know everyone has been dying to see pics from Diana and I's final adventure together (as roommates...we're still friends so there will definitely be more Di-ami Adventures).
Here's the highlights (in no particular order) from the Big Apple...

We went big this time and stayed in a luxury "pod." You can see the toilet right next to our bed...NYC style!

 We went with a classic and saw The Lion King on Broadway...amazing!

Graham joined the party at the Stardust Diner...after he took us on an awesome tour of the NBC Studios. He's our very own Kenneth the Page (if you don't know who that 30 Rock.)

We took a leisurely stroll through Central Park on Sunday...perfect weather!

This is the married (unknown til after the photo) cop I may or may not have made Diana stalk with me.

We had a lovely weekend in NYC. We did what we wanted, spent way too much money (its lose money just breathing the air) , and laughed at each other. It was a nice little send off before Di up and abandoned me in DC :( I'll forgive her for leavin me if she promises we can have a repeat NYC trip next fall!