Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's go fly a kite...

Kolton came to visit for the Cherry Blossom Party!

We had a little BRHS reunion (plus one Red Devil and one Thai waiter) at Thai Shirlington :) Our waiter was so funny...Paul's from Thailand and had the cutest little giggle. We talked him into letting us come visit his family in Thailand and ride his elephants! How cool would that be?!?

Saturday we braved the rain and headed into the district for the Kite Festival! Koltar was a good sport-he toted my purse, flew my Barbie kite, and helped Jenny entertain her little friends! I promised him I wouldn't black mail him with the Barbie pics :)

Barbie was a little top heavy and we had a hard time getting her up in the air...I'm such a graceful kite flier :)
After tweaking Barbie a bit...Kolton finally got her flying!

We walked the Tidal Basin...and the blossoms were so close to bloomin! One more week and they'll be perfect!I'm a sucker for of course I volunteered when these cute little Irish dancers asked for members of the audience to come Irish step with them! So fun...

We had dinner at George Washington's house, Mount Vernon...that's a painting of it on the wall-so historical! The waiters were dressed in period clothing-so cute!

We ate GW's favorite foods-peanut soup (imagine eating soupy peanut butter), fried brie with raspberry sauce, a tasty lil fish and some good ole' pork roast! George really ate like a king...or a President I guess ;)

We didn't quite eat as classy on Sunday-Kolton and the roomies had to eat like commoners :) I made a little Sunday dinner-my first attempt at a roast! I must attempt, my mom would be proud (and it was almost like she was there...she was on the phone walking me through every step).

We did a little sight-seeing on Sunday... chillin' in front of Iwo Jima.

A great view of the District...Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Capitol-you can see it all from Rosslyn. Isn't the sky pretty?

And we ended the day at the Pentagon was quite pretty with the blue-gray sky and the setting sun.

Thanks for visiting Kolt...come again soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's Here...

She's perfect...and beautiful...and absolutely amazing! I couldn't sleep all night waiting for her to come, and when I finally got this picture...I may have shed some tears! Isn't she sweet, and just so fresh from Heaven-truly a little miracle!

I can't wait to meet you baby Chloe!