Friday, October 31, 2008

Cheesesteaks, Rocky, LOVE, and Walgreens!

Who knew King of Prussia/Philadelphia had so much to offer?!? Diana, Hope, Wayne and I took off for a weekend in Pennsylvania and we couldn't have dreamed up more amazing adventures! We knew we'd hit the jackpot when we rolled up and found a Super Wal-Mart (having its Grand Opening!) just down the street from our Motel 6! Heaven...we walked around that goodness for awhile then headed to the M6 to check-in. What can I say about the M6...uhh, it was really cheap ($13/a person!).
(doesn't my ugly face say it all!?!)

The next morning we took off down I-76 (gotta love the tribute to 1776-USA's b-day!) to the City of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia! We hit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Important stuff happened here folks...this is where the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Constitution of the United States was drafted and the foundations of this great nation were established. Beautiful and historic-who could ask for anything more?

All that history worked up our appetites, so of course we had to try a Philly Cheesesteak! We put Pat's and Geno's steaks to the test to determine which is really the best! These two are across the street from one another and battle over the title of the original and best Philly Cheesesteak. Geno's is flashy, painted bright orange with an orange convertible parked out front, and Pat's is a little more dive-ish. We ordered 2 sandwiches from each, cut them in half, and held our own taste test. Pat's was the hands-down winner...super good bread, nice and juicy filling, and all around tastier! YUMMERS!

We took in more Philly sites...

The LOVE statue

Running the Rocky Steps

The man himself

and now for the highlight of our trip-Walgreens! We didn't know the excitement that would come from this little drugstore! We walked in and poor Wayne was just targeted by everyone around us.

Here's the story in Wayne's own words (with a lil Kami commentary in parenthesis)... "As I am waiting an 80ish year old lady steps right in front of me. She looks at me a little surprised to see me and the other people waiting. I tell her it is ok if she cuts, I really wasn't in a hurry and didn't mind. Dorthy (WE NEVER REALLY CAUGHT HER NAME) looks at what I am buying and tells me to take it and leave. Dorthy says she buys enough stuff from the store that I can take it and leave she has me covered. She then turns to Kami, who has joined me in line, and tells her drink is no good for her (COKE IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE, ALWAYS) and to take it and leave.

At this point I am mildly amused with this sassy old lady and so I strike up a conversation with her. She tells me she moved to Philly when she was ten and has lived there for 40 years. Thinking she is hilarious at telling me this joke she basically falls into my arms laughing.(TOTALLY FLIRTING WITH WAYNE) The conversation moves on and we talk about politics, her living two blocks down but still taking the bus because it is free, and how she is being a good neighbor for buying adult diapers for Mary (wink/wink).

During the conversation, Diana joined us in line as well as a cross-eyed fella. Dorthy begins to establish that Kami, Diana, and I are all together. She then proceeds to see which one of them is dating me. Dorthy discovers we are "just friends." She then says something about me not being their type but being her type and that she is more than happy to take me home. We all get a good laugh...but it is ruined by the cross-eyed fella. He had joined in some points of the conversation but when Dorthy said I was her type....he pipes up and says "Well he is my type."

Dorthy's eyes just go big and the store kind of goes silent. Not another word is said and we all buy our stuff and leave. Kami, Hope, Diana and I walk out of the store and bust up laughing."

Oh Philadelphia...good food, good friends, and good memories!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

West Winging it...

My good friend Jared works for President George W. and gets access to the WEST WING of the WHITE HOUSE, you know, oval office, situation room, rose garden, press gallery-where it all happens! He hooked me and some coworkers up with an awesome tour of it all! If you know Jared, you know this tour was far from ordinary. This guy is a blast, so full of energy and just so entertaining!

The White House was actually the Pink House in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So cute!

I love the press room...even when its empty you can tell magic happens in here!

Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to live in the nation's capital...and associate with such high rollers! Really cool places and really cool people! Thanks again Jared!

I've grown a bit since moving to DC...we all thought this pic from inside the Executive Office Building was pretty funny :)