Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Beehive State...

Time seems to buzz on by whenever I'm in Utah! Considering this trip was a quick one (not even a week) it seems like I was unpacking and packing my suitcase at the same time! Trying to cram friends, family, school shopping, birthday partyin', and fair fun into 4 short days was a challenge-but one that I was more than happy to take on!

Isn't my bro Justin sweet? I walked in and found some "Welcome Home" balloons! He made sure to get credit-he scribbled "from Justin" on one of the balloons. According to Justin, "It's like a card." (Sidenote: Any Aggies out there? Give Justin a hard time if you see him on campus-he started at USU this week! And yes, that makes me feel old! Good luck bud!)

I went from the airport to the Box Elder County Fair Parade to watch this little one (not so lil anymore-she's growing like a weed!) cheering in the parade! She's quite the cheerleader-look at those toes!

Thursday some of the girls (and babes-Kalli is mine) went to Maddox for a little lunch date! I can't believe how much Sawyer and Nick have grown! It's been over a year since I've seen Mandy and Sawyer, but thankfully when we get together it's like nothing has changed! Love good friends! I'm going to miss Sawyer kisses and playing with Nick and his trains.:(

Here's a glimpse at what Capener's do for fun!! Thursday night we "put up" corn! Here's step by step directions for all of you city slickers that don't know how it's done! And just for clarification-we don't do it because we're too poor to buy canned. (My DC friend asked that when he heard what I was doin') It's all about the taste!

Step 1: Make the boys pick and husk dozens and dozens of ears of corn.

Step 2: Put your sister in-law to work washing all the corn!

Step 3: Drop the corn in boiling water for 5-6 minutes. Then cool it down in cold water! (I know this pic has nothing to do with that, but look at all that corn and my cute sisters and grandma!)

Step 4: Cut all the kernels off the cob-and remember to scrape out all the cream (or else mom and grandma will get mad).

Step 5: Make your little sister and Ashley, your brother's friend, put all the cut corn into freezer bags.

Step 6: Drag your little brother out of the basement to haul the cobs out to the garbage.

Step 7: Freeze the corn...and enjoy it all winter long!

I can't wait until I get to be the supervisor like my mom ;)

Friday I spent the day with the coolest 8-year olds in the neighborhood!

Kalli waited to have her birthday party so I could come-she's such a sweetheart! We played on the inflatable toys, climbed coconut trees and rock walls, and ate pizza! Good times!

This is my mom-she's quite the party animal!

Oh, and I met my first neice! Meet Lucy...isn't she adorable!

I love the Beehive State!