Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Metro Etiquette

Well, here goes my first ranting post...and the topic is PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! What a blessing and a curse! The DC Metro does get me to work thank you metro, but it also makes me late for work quite no thank you! But that's all beside the point...I prefer to focus on the etiquette I feel everyone who ever uses a metro/subway/public transportation system can control! So here it is, my Top Four Rude Metro Riders (in no specific order of annoyance)...

#4-The Pole Dancer
Okay, so pole dancing on the metro is rare, but people that lean against the pole and use the entire thing to rest their sweaty behind, back and head on might as well be! Nobody else can steady themselves with the pole when someones entire body is resting on it...rude!

#3-Seat Hogs
I'm not a large person by any means, so I tend to keep my body within my allotted half of a metro bench fairly easily. I understand there are others out there who have trouble keeping within their bounds (I mean we are talking about Americans here!) and I totally don't mind if someone honestly needs a little extra space, but people that can keep their butt within one seat should make that effort! For example, the other day as I sat on the metro making my way home after a long day in the office, this woman decides to sit next to me. I'm all about sharing so that's great, but she decides to back into the seat butt first...okay not a big deal until she backs in and sits on my lap. This woman was a fairly fit looking woman...and yet she felt it necessary to sit sideways in the seat with her derriere on me! That's just gross-keep your booty and your body to yourself!

#2-Escalator Jumpers
Everybody (except tourists-gotta love 'em) knows to stand right and walk left on the escalator. Hence, the line to get on the left side of the escalator is normally a bit longer than the line on the right-but in the end you make the time up walking on the escalator, UNLESS people cut into the walking line. Don't sneek up in the standing line only to cut over onto the right at the last moment...we're on to your little tricks, and we don't like!

#1-Where's my Card?
To get ONTO the metro, you need to slide your fare card, and in order to get OFF the metro, you guessed it, you need to slide your fare card! Every metro rider knows this-so why is it so hard to have your fare card ready to go when your gettin' on or off? I've been there...digging through my bag to find that elusive smart card, but not standing right in front of the ticket gates! Move to the side!

The sights, sounds, and wonders of the metro are less than appealing, but if we all work together to change the little everyday annoyances the metro can be bearable-maybe even a pleasure (ok, that might be taking it a little too far)!

Chinese Food with the Congressman

Who could turn down Chinese food and the chance to chat with Congressman Chris Cannon? So after years of forming my opinion of Cannon from the media and the stories of others, I finally met the man for myself, and he made a good impression. He really likes shale oil (if he had to quit Congress right now-he'd get into the Shale oil business). He's very personable and he's quite intelligent. Overall, I'd say he's a pretty good guy...and that's not just the Chinese food talking :)

Oh my 22!

So I don't know when I started getting so old...but here I am, 22-years old! WOW-time really does fly! If my birthday is any indication of how the year is going to go-22 will be great! Some great co-workers/friends took me out to lunch at Capitol Brewery-yummy pulled pork sandwich, and the BIGGEST ice cream covered brownie ever! The celebrating continued at work, with a little office party-more brownies, homemade oreos, and Lofthouse sugar cookies...YUM!

My sweet roomies (including Shannon) threw a little pizza party that night, complete with more sweets-cupcakes this time. Then we got ready and hit the town...Club Ultra! Here's where Liz shines...she got us all in, without waiting in line, and for free-way to go Liz! So I love dancing, hence the clubbing, but I often forget how much I hate sweaty crowds of people...the club was fun for the night, but definitely not my scene! Anyways, 22 is going to be great-even if it is pretty OLD :)