Friday, May 30, 2008


My little brother Justin graduated! I'm so proud of him...he's so smart and talented! He had fun in high school (maybe a little too much fun), but he worked hard too. He played football, basketball, and baseball-and has kept our family entertained for the last 18 years. He's always been the good looking one (tall-ish, dark and handsome), the funny kid, and he's one of those people that everyone just likes. I'm glad he's my brother, and so excited to see him move to the next stage of life!

(sorry the camera lens was foggy-I know that doesn't explain his face-but I swear it doesn't always look like that, he's pleasant sometimes)

For Papa Jay...

I finally graduated from institute (church college for LDS folks). Almost 5 years ago, I attended my first institute class at the good, ole' Logan Institute as a sweet, little, starry-eyed college freshman. I loved Brother Rees and all the fun teachers I had there, and going to class with my high school friends (including Mrs. Crook & co.-my middle school P.E. teacher) and new college friends.

I didn't quite get all the reqs to graduate then, but that inspired me to keep going when I moved to DC. It's been great for me...I've been able to attend Capitol Hill Institute (class is actually taught in a room on the Hill) and the Northern Virginia (NoVA) Institute. Five years down and voila, I'm part of the first graduating class of the NoVA Institute!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I ran the National Police Week 5K...I know, I know, it's only 3-ish miles, but it was quite the accomplishment for a non-runner like myself. And I ran about a 9 min mile...pretty good considering I've been running maybe 6 times in the last 3 years of my life. The best part, I basically ran the whole way (there were a few minutes there that were touch and go-I slowed down dramatically, but then the finish line came in sight and I kicked it in gear again)

It was a great race, for a great cause. The money raised supports the families of police officers killed in the line of duty, and the race had officers from precincts(?) around the DC-area. There was a bagpiper playing along the route. The race started at the Police Officer's Memorial then cut across the National Mall-between the Washington and Capitol. The good part came next-we headed up Capitol Hill (and let me tell really is a HILL), around the Library of Congress, then retraced the route back to the memorial. If you have to run 3 miles, I don't think you could find a more beautiful route!

Things I learned from my first 5K (and Brooke and Marques and Tabbi)

~Don't wear the race shirt...unless you want to be associated with "that guy" (aka the only other person wearing the race gear)

~The minute you decide to slow down or walk the finish line will magically appear.

~I've never really known how FAR a mile really is...let alone 3!

~Wearing your number around after the race is perfectly acceptable (if your name is Marques)...but don't put on your number too soon before the race or you'll look overeager like me.

~I like running...let me classify that with "in races." I just might take up running, who knows maybe there's a marathon in my future!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the burg...gettysburg

My good friend Jared "Voice like buttah" Sagers came to town last weekend...and I was lucky enough to tag along with him on some east coast touring with the Chavez fam. It was good to get some of the USU newsies back together for a bit...reminiscent of the good old jcom days!

Marques, Brooke, and Jared (and let's not forget Spuddy Buddy-Marques' little friend) picked me up on my corner, bright and early Saturday morning and we headed out to Gettysburg, PA. It's such a pretty little town, with an amazing and somber history. We followed our audio car tour from point to point (as best we could, stops 10-13 weren't that important) through the stages of the most famous Civil War battle. It was humbling to imagine the men lined up marching toward the frontlines...

We finished our Gettysburg tour at the spot where Lincoln gave his famous speech, The Gettysburg Address. It's interesting that from the crowds silent reaction to his speech Lincoln believed he'd failed at properly honoring those killed at Gettysburg, but really the crowd was just so humbled by his words.

Lots of the soldiers graves are marked only by a number on a white granite marker. They gave their lives in battle and they don't even have their names on their graves!

We continued our tour of Pennsylvania in Heaven...aka Hershey, PA. We followed the singing cows through the Hershey plant, and for some reason it dropped us off right in the Hershey store-talk about marketing!

I'm really excited about the singing cows...please ignore my excited but hideous expression.

Our Hershey tabs...
Marques and Brooke-$14 (come on people, only $7 each!)
Jared-$12 (now that's more like it!)
Kami-$20 (Stockin' up for the ride home)

We continued the adventure at the Catoctin Farmer's Market-if Marques weren't already happily married, I think he'd marry the sweet little owner. He's pretty much obsessed with her apple cider!

And to top of our day, we visited the DC Temple-always a beautiful place.

I sure am blessed to have these friends...gotta love em!

The Letter...

Naive 17-year old Kami wrote a letter to 22-year old Kami in a psychology class senior year of high school. Mrs. Gephart followed through five years later on mailing it...and I've been anxiously waiting to read it since my mom mentioned its arrival in UT. Bless the USPS for getting it to VA in just 2 days!

I think I might have known more about this crazy life 5 years ago...or at least I thought I did :) Either way, it's interesting to think what I thought life would be...

Dear 2008 Kami, April 29, 2003

Well, can you believe its been five years since graduation! Time really does fly-I hope you're making the most of the time and opportunities you've been blessed with! You better have graduated from college-hopefully with pretty good grades! You better have a job and some savings.

Maybe you're even on a mission-that would be so awesome! Or maybe you're married-aagh!* Hopefully whoever you are you're happy and healthy. You better have married a good boy in the temple and hopefully he's really cute and nice and smart and hot-like Cade Buck**! Whoever he is you better be nice to him and love him lots!

Hopefully you have learned how to work! But remember how much you want to stay at home when you have kids! Jobs and worldly stuff aren't that important. Church and family are the most important-ALWAYS! I hope you've moved on from high school -that transition really sucked!

College is probably almost over-wow another turning point! I hope you are happy with where you went and who you've become. College was fun I hope and you better have worked hard. I hope you've been busy with church, school, family and work. Maybe you're in Provo or Hawaii or Logan***! Hopefully, you've accomplished and set many goals. Maybe some of these:
~Graduate from college
~Married in the temple
~Good Job
~Strong Testimony
~Good relationships
~Serving others

Well, hopefully you're shooting for the stars and helping others too!

Love, 2003 Kami

*It seems I was terrified of marriage even in high school.
**Happily married, but still one of the boys I admire most in this world!
***Nope, nope, and nope, how 'bout Arlington, Virginia-woot woo!

Even if I didn't accomplish all of the things on my 5 year to do list, I'm happy, healthy and more blessed than I was 5 years ago. My life is different than I envisioned, sometimes more challenging than I thought, but better than I could have imagined as a high school senior.