Sunday, January 31, 2010

And I Quote...

"There's no good reason we're not married...except we make horrible decisions."

Direct quote from one of my best friends. Yep, she's probably right.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I realized something this week, I've been on hiatus. Not only from blogging, but from life, too. January has a way of making me way too introverted for my own good...I go to work, I come home and repeat the same every day, every week. Not the best way to be living. So I decided, its time to make myself accountable to all of you (hi mom and grandma...I'm sure you're the only ones reading this!!!) and post my 25x25. My half-birthday was a week ago, so I now have just under six months to complete the following 25 goals, activities, and self-imposed dares before I turn the big 2-5. Here they are (in no particular order)...

1. Go a whole month without buying any clothes. or shoes. or makeup.
2. Use my passport.
3. Use my new gym pass. Regularly. Like at least twice a week :)
4. Learn to love my church calling :) I have two. Love one, hate one.
5. Finally finish "1776."
6. Run 25 miles...heck, why not bump it up to 26.2 and run a marathon!
7. Go to the Maine Avenue Fish I can quit driving by and thinking "that looks cool."
8. Find my signature scent...preferably not at the fish market :)
9. Read the BoM. (again...I've read it before, don't worry!)
10. Visit the Hillwood Estate
11. Grow my own herbs. To pay homage to my farmer father.
12. Create a work of art...that's actually good enough to display.
13. Apply to grad school.
14. Go to the Congressional Cemetery.
15. Make 25 new friends.
16. Dance again. Country. Line. Ballroom. Whatever.
17. Take a cooking class.
18. Become a morning person.
19. Eat at the Shake Shack in NYC.
20. Find the best cupcake in DC.
21. Make a budget and stick to it.
22. Go bungee jumping and/or sky diving.
23. See a show at Ford's Theater.
24. Become a better parallel-parker.
25. Get my family to come visit me!!!

Lots of these adventures are going to require friends...any takers?!?