Friday, July 24, 2009

Old Lady Club?!?

My sweet little Tabbi thinks I'm getting so old that I've lost my memory! She issued me this challenge...

With Laura on the National Mall watching the Cherry Blossom Parade
April 2009

In the NYC after brunch at Sarabeth's
February 2009

Mr. Plumber & the Tidal Basin at the Cherry Blossom Festival
April 2008

Niagara Falls, Canada :)
October 2008

NYC elevator
June 2009

In the stocks at Williamsburg
April 2009

Eating gelato in Georgetown (?)
August 2008

On the National Mall, in the pouring rain, watching the 4th of July Fireworks
July 2008

Well Miss Tabbi, I guess I'm not that old now...I've still got the ole' memory :) Thanks for the birthday love...miss you like crazy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Burgers, Buds, and Birthdays...

What's the best way to spend your birthday?!?

Eating a burger as big as your head...

With a bunch of your best buds...

And finishing the night with a Birthday Bundt :)

24 isn't so bad...especially with friends like these! I've got the most amazing friends and family...thanks for all the birthday love everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uses Time Wisely...

I've always prided myself on making the most of my time. In elementary school, I never had anything but "E's" for excellent in the "Uses Time Wisely" column. In high school, I totally "lived it up" my entire senior year and have some great memories and zero regrets. In college, I scheduled a summer in France, a summer in DC, an internship at a news station, and anything and everything I made a goal to do.

Lately, however, this seems to have gotten a bit more complicated. Forget a grand scheme/master plan, I can't even manage the basics of life! I feel like I'm drowning at work, I have no time to exercise, I never cook a meal (unless hitting the start button on the microwave counts...), I don't spend quality or quantity time with any of my friends or family, I haven't even cracked my GRE book, and I had to pencil in time to clean my bathroom. Sad. That's not all, I'm turning 24 soon...24!!! When did I hit my (gasp) mid-20's. All these things have me thinking...What have I accomplished in my ever increasing years on earth? Are my pursuits worthwhile? Am I productive? Am I paving the way for my dreams to come true one day? "Like sand through the are the days of my life." The grains of sand are slipping through fast and I don't want to wake up one day with an expired timer and nothing to show and a dirty bathroom! Good, better, best...I just don't know how to decide what's what...let's just hope 24-year olds are better (or best) at "Using Time Wisely."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where the Road Leads...

Adventure 1

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Destination: Conshocken, PA
Time: 3.5 hours (w/45 minute detour in Delaware)
Distance: 150 miles each way
Reason: A little girl-chat with my elementary school BFF Karly-isn't she cute!?!

Adventure 2

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Destination: Manchester, CT
Time: 8 hours (mapquest lies...its not 6 hours!)
Distance: 355 miles each way

Shopping and dinner with my mom and her 30 Chinatown purses.

And watching this cute kid play some ball.

Lowlight of the trip? Cade's teammate asking him who the "lady" with his mom was...really?!? Lady?!? I'm not old enough to be a lady, am I? (Rhetorical question...please don't respond!)